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Millenia Mortgage
3100 Freedom Way
Hubert, NC 28539

Tel: 910.708.1404
Fax: 252.393.1429
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Questions and Answers
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How can Millenia Mortgage give you same day approvals?
There are three government agencies that purchase most mortgage notes. FNMA=Fannie Mae, FHLMC=Freddie Mac and FHA=Federal Housing Authority. Millenia Mortgage has the ability to download your Mortgage Loan Application into their government agency mainframes, generating instant approvals and/or advise you on how your loan will be approved.
How can Millenia Mortgage offer the lowest rates and fees in the industry?
Where most banks and mortgage companies make their money is on the servicing of the loans, which is the paying of taxes and insurance. FNMA, FHLMC, and FHA pay the banks and mortgage companies fees to service the loans based on the interest rate given to the borrower. Many companies will only do a loan at a certain profit margin. Millenia Mortgage prides itself on keeping its overhead low to pass these savings onto the customer in an effort to gain referrals.
How will I know what program is best for me?
FNMA, FHLMC and FHA will not approve the loan unless specific criteria are met. Our qualified staff at Millenia Mortgage will meet with you to discuss the criteria of each specific program and advise you as to which program you would qualify for.
What else does Millenia Mortgage do that others don't?
  • No Cost Refinance
  • We Can Do The Closing Of Refi's In Your Home
  • Provide Any Referrals You May Need
  • We Give You The Honest And Courteous Service That You Deserve
  • Non-Resident Alien Program
  • Closing Cost Assistance
  • Elimination Of Un-Necessary Mortgage Insurance


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