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Millenia Mortgage
3100 Freedom Way
Hubert, NC 28539

Tel: 910.708.1404
Fax: 252.393.1429
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Why Millenia Mortgage?
The lowest rates and fees of any Mortgage Company,
Bank, or Internet Lender (learn more)
Millenia pulls your credit report only once, then gives you the top rate from 45 top banks! (learn more)
Free Credit Report Analysis (learn more)
No Cost Refinancing and Purchases (learn more)
Same Day Approvals (learn more)
No Income Verification (learn more)
Our qualified staff give you the honest and courteous service that you deserve
The lowest rates and fees of any Mortgage Company,
Bank, or Internet Lender
Where most banks and mortgage companies make their money is on the servicing of the loans, which is the paying of taxes and insurance. FNMA, FHLMC, and FHA pay the banks and mortgage companies fees to service the loans based on the interest rate given to the borrower. Many companies will only do a loan at a certain profit margin. Millenia Mortgage prides itself on keeping its overhead low to pass these savings onto the customer in an effort to gain referrals.
Free Credit Report Analysis
Millenia Mortgage covers the costs of checking your credit report. Why? It's simple: We want your business and your positive referrals.
No Cost Refinancing and Purchases
No cost refinancing and purchases allows buyers to purchase a home or refinance a home with no 'out of pocket' money. In other words, after the mortgage transaction is complete, the net amount of money spent up front for closing costs, title fees, etc. will be zero because all fees become part of the mortgage.
Same Day Approvals
Millenia Mortgage has the ability to download your Mortgage Loan Application into the mainframe computers of the three largest government mortgage agencies, generating instant approvals and/or advise you on how your loan will be approved.
No Income Verification
No income verification loans are ideal for people that have excellent credit, great payment histories, and sufficient assets (net worth), but relatively low W-2 income. Often used by business owners, no income verification loans allow mortgage approvals based on credit and assets rather than income
Millenia pulls your credit report only once, then gives you the best rate from 45 top banks!
Millenia Mortgage partners with over 45 banks to get you the best rate possible and the most beneficial mortgage program given your situation and needs. As a licensed correspondent Mortgage Banker, we work with you on behalf of the banks but have the flexibility to offer
any program from every bank we represent. Furthermore, we only need to pull your credit report Once to obtain rates for you from all of our partner banks, so your credit score does not get hurt by having it pulled multiple times for multiple banks/offers.

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